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Tinn-R/R integration (Windows only)  
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Tinn is an ASCII file editor primarily intended to replace Notepad.exe for Windows users. The name is a recursive acronym: Tinn is not Notepad. Tinn-R provides additional tools to control R in SDI mode or SciViews R console.
The following directions will help you install both R and Tinn-R and integrate them for easy and powerful script editing in R.
Step one: Install R
1. In Arkansas, download R-2.3.1-win32.exe from UALR (or select your area from the CRAN mirror list). While downloading, find out more about the R project at R-project.org.
2. Click 'Run' after downloading the installation program "R-2.3.1-win32.exe".

3. Select your language preference for the installation wizard and press 'OK'.

4. Click 'Next' to start the installation wizard.

5. Accept the agreement and click 'Next'.

6. If you are not logged in as an Administrator, you will see the following dialog. Click 'Next' and follow any special Non-Admin instructions for the remainder of this tutorial.

7. Accept the default directory or record your new directory for later, and click 'Next'.

Non-admin: Make a note of your username from the path displayed (C:\Documents and Settings\Username\...). You will be using it throughout the tutorial.


8. Click 'Next' (unless you use LaTex and want to add those help files too).

9. Click 'Next'.

10. Select your icon preferences and make sure registry entries are checked. Click 'Next'.

Non-admin: Not all of these options will be visible.


11. Installation will take 1 to 2 minutes. Click 'Finish'.

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